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2017 Polo Party Interviews

Our annual event is a fundraiser but much more of a party to celebrate our TRIP Program which brings freedom and community connections to sick, disabled and elderly people in Riverside County.  On a case-by-case basis TRIP riders are determined not to otherwise be able to get to needed medical services or to do other things necessary for their ability to continue to live independently in their communities with dignity and a better quality of life.

A member of our Board, Conrad Negron, shot several video interviews with TRIP riders and their drivers and a young couple that enjoys the party so much that they come for the event in Indio every year from their home in L.A.  The TRIP riders who attended are probably the most mobile of our clients and we were so happy they could attend this year, enjoy the festivities and share a little about their experiences with the program!  You may find what they have to say enlightening and informative.

Rider Mac

Rider Winona

Board Member Ed Bowen

Repeat attendees

Rider Chris

Rider Laura

Rider Joan

Rider Laura H

Rider Richard and volunteer driver

Volunteer driver