Meeting the Challenges

Meeting the Challenges

Meeting the Challenges is published quarterly(4 times a year) by the non-profit Independent Living Partnership. Each issue contains articles that provide insight and practical information on a wide variety of subjects that are often not available anywhere else.

The articles are easy to understand, but written by experts and based on credible information from established and highly recognized sources. No commercial advertisements are allowed and the publication is completely supported by readers, charitable contributions and grants.

The two most current issues are published on-line at Vital Connections

You can subscribe for delivery to your home or office.  Subscription cost is $10.00 per year.

Multiple copies of each issue of Meeting the Challenges may be purchased for redistribution to organization members or clients.

Please consider helping to support the non-profit Meeting the Challenges project with a charitable contribution! Thank you!

Submissions of articles are welcome.

  • Articles must be helpful and informative and not exceed 650 words.
  • Authors must be expert in their field and credentialed.
  • Article submissions can be sent us as an MSWord attachment.

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