Start TRIP Service

Start and operate a TRIP service

  1. Provide transportation for people who have no other usable alternatives

  2. Serve those who are unable to use conventional paratransit or van service

  3. Provide transportation for people living in an area without public transportation

  4. Save money on expensive trips like regular dialysis treatments

  5. Provide clients with an option for better service at less cost to you

What you need to start now

  1. Commitment to provide affordable service for your benefit and for the benefit of those you serve

  2. A computer with internet access to connect to your dedicated, encrypted virtual private network

  3. An employee with skills to use a special software application and a good customer relations attitude

  4. Funds you can divert to replace less cost efficient and less effective services or new grant funding

  5. Let us know you are ready to go:  951-653-0740, x19 (or Start TRIP to