The TRIP model was designed as a low-cost, low-maintenance, customer driven approach for providing transportation to older adults. TRIP was the outcome of a collaborative partnership between the Independent Living Partnership, sponsor of TRIP, the local Area Agency on Aging, and the Riverside County Transportation Commission in California. TRIP is a volunteer driver service that began providing transportation assistance for seniors and people with disabilities in 1993. The efficiency and effectiveness of the TRIP Model has been proven in cities, suburban, and rural areas. So far the Riverside County program has provided over 26 million miles of assisted travel and more than 2 million free, escorted trips for 6,500+ passengers with up to 1,000 volunteer drivers each year. Services based on the innovative TRIP design result in many benefits for the organization that operates it –

  • A TRIP service is quick and inexpensive to start-up
  • A TRIP service can be a stand-alone service or it can harmonize with a menu of existing services
  • Low-cost, customizable software is available to fully manage and administer the TRIP service
  • Because passengers recruit their own volunteers, dispatch costs and headaches are eliminated and the risk of using volunteer drivers is lowered

Powerful Passenger Benefits

  • Rides are free
  • Curbside waiting and missed rides are eliminated
  • Travel is in comfortable private vehicles
  • Multiple stops are possible, making travel less arduous
  • Ability to recruit volunteer drivers that passengers want
  • Travel destinations can cross boundaries
  • Any level of service is possible, dependent on the needs and preferences of the passenger
  • An opportunity for enhanced companionship is provided

Attractive to Volunteers

There are no set hours Volunteers are not “on call”.
  • They “work” for a friend TRIP service provides an opportunity to build friendships Satisfies the wish to help others Mileage reimbursements offset expenses TRIP Model is Highly Adaptable.
  • Can be operated in almost any geographical setting
  • Can be scaled to a community’s available resources
  • Can be operated by paid or volunteer staff.

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