empowering people to remain independent

TRIP is a low cost, low maintenance program. Its operations require limited staff and infrastructure because it is not required to recruit for drivers, nor is it required to train or support drivers, or schedule and arrange for rides. Below is an estimated 1st year budget for a newly-organized TRIP program:
1 full-time staff position 25,000 Volunteer In-Kind
1 computer 1,500 1,500 In-Kind
TRIP program package 1,300 1,300 1,300
Supplies 450 450 In-Kind
Postage 250 250 In-Kind
Office space 1,600 1,600 In-Kind
Utilities 500 500 In-Kind
Telephone 500 500 In-Kind
Accounting services 600 Volunteer In-Kind
Banking service costs 200 200 In-Kind
Mileage reimbursements 11,025 11,025 11,025
Total 42,925 (1) 17,325 (2) 12,325 (3)
(1) The low-cost, first year budget is based on the following travel assumptions: 35 passengers and volunteers they recruit themselves; 75 miles per passenger per month for 12 months; $.35 mileage rate: total mileage reimbursement cost is $11,025. (2) With volunteer staff and volunteered professional accounting service. (3) With everything other than the start-up and operation package and mileage reimbursements provided by an existing agency or organization. Even mileage reimbursement amounts can be adapted as necessary.