About Us – Overview


The Independent Living Partnership (ILP) was organized in 1989 to actively advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act and worked hard to gain support for the bill prior to its passage into law. ILP was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1991.

ILP’s programs and activities benefit the entire community. They help us care for ourselves, our parents and grandparents. Through collaborative and cooperative partnering with public and private organizations, agencies and businesses, ILP programs and services help people lead more satisfying and rewarding lives, often in spite of significant health and mobility challenges. The life enriching programs of ILP help to strengthen and rebuild social networks, assist individuals to access needed human and social services, and maintain a more healthy and independent life style.

Through ILP programs, like TRIP, which was named the “nation’s best volunteer driver model” by the Beverly Foundation, and other services, individuals and families are enabled to have better lives. The efforts of health and human services providers are supported and strengthened. The business community has a stable consumer base for the sale of products and services. The medical services industry saves money when people can make their appointments and follow therapeutic orders. When a population is more healthy and self-sufficient, municipal, county and state governments incur less supportive and institutionalization expenses.

The nationally acclaimed TRIP Program is a “rider-centered” volunteer driver service that has operated in Riverside County California since 1993 providing thousands of residents who are elderly and disabled, do not drive, have no family to drive for them, are unable to use public transportation alternatives, and are unable to access needed health care or other life sustaining services without our assistance.  More than a “transportation” program, TRIP reconnects the isolated and alone with their neighbors and communities empowering them to remain more independent and self-reliant and live happier lives.  Each year TRIP results in more than 100,000 critically needed rides, free to riders, and at the lowest cost of any other transportation alternatives.  Other communities across the U.S. are now regularly asking ILP for information about how they can duplicate our success.