The TRIP model makes it easy to start a volunteer driver assistance program for elderly, sick, alone and disabled residents in every type of community: rural, suburban or urban. TRIP is a rider-focused service that has minimal infrastructure or staffing requirements and costs far less to operate than other volunteer driver model services. The service can be a low-cost way to meet or expand required Americans With Disability (ADA) services.  Most importantly, TRIP delivers a high level of client satisfaction.

The TripTrak™ software used in the TRIP process is an inexpensive VPN subscription that is specifically designed to effectively administer, manage and report on the performance of local TRIP services.  TripTrak™ uses an encrypted network to keep data safe and secure, while providing administration, management and secure data storage and retrieval. Some of the benefits of the upgraded TripTrak™ service now include:

  • Secure maintenance of client contact information and personal data.
  • Records ADLs and IADLs for clients.
  • Set custom travel allowances for clients and keep detailed notes of contacts and actions.
  • Complete client applications with pre-filled print forms containing client information.
  • Input detailed client trip data.
  • Calculate travel distances for client trips.
  • Print mileage reimbursement checks as part of an overall easy-administration process.
  • Export monthly reimbursement payment registers; view and research custom data sets.
  • Run and export statistical performance reports.

Managing a TRIP Model volunteer driver mileage reimbursement transportation service with TripTrak™