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You know there are older adults, infirmed, people with disabilities, isolated residents in your area who you would like to provide with transportation services.

You have been thinking about different ways that service might be provided and have considered making application for grant funding to support a service.  First thought might be to apply for funding to get a van or bus or maybe start a volunteer driver service.

A TRIP Model volunteer driver, mileage reimbursement service is the least costly and most effective way to provide transportation services anywhere, either as an independent service or as an addition to a menu of services to augment those you already provide.

How much does it cost to operate a TRIP Model service?

  • Using TripTrak software, we have been providing TRIP Model services for all of Riverside County California since 1993 and have been compiling years and years of cost and outcome data.  In a recent 12 month period 101,464 one-way trips and 1.44 million miles of transportation was provided for 809 individual riders.  The rides were free to riders and the cost to our organization was $5.34 per one-way trip; the cost for providing a trip by paratransit would have been up to 6 times more.  The cost per passenger mile of $.38 for the transportation provided was about 35% of the 2015 National Data Base average cost for each passenger mile of regular bus travel.

  • A 2.5 year volunteer driver mileage reimbursement transportation service for 525 individual riders in Los Angeles County delivered 83,514 one-way trips at an average cost to the agency of $4.86, $.47 per passenger mile. That translates into 20.6 one-way trips per $100 of cost.

  • TRIP Model transportation is less expensive than alternative methods of providing transportation.

Passengers have positive things to say about the TRIP Model transportation alternative:

  • It’s nice to have a dependable way of transportation with a person you know.
  • You can pick your own time frame with someone you know and go where you need to go.
  • TRIP is the best I have seen and I don’t have to wait hours.
  • Having TRIP has given me the quality of life that I could not have without TRIP.
  • It’s the best way.  I don’t know what I would do without it.
  • Gives a new look on life and sense of freedom!
  • It is so dependable.
  • I could not go to my appointments and get groceries without TRIP.
  • Easier, safer, more reliable.  No waiting.  Thank you!
  • It is a really important service for seniors and the disabled.
  • I recommend TRIP because it is much better transportation.

TRIP is a rider-focused service that has minimal infrastructure or staffing requirements and costs far less to operate than other volunteer driver model services. The service can be a low-cost way to meet or expand required Americans with Disability (ADA) services.  Most importantly, TRIP delivers a high level of client satisfaction.  In a recent survey 99.81% of the survey respondents said they would recommend TRIP service to someone that needs assisted transportation.

For transit agencies and community service organizations that serve the differently abled and others who experience transportation issues, TRIP’s volunteer driver, mileage reimbursement service is well-trusted, having been successfully operated for over 25 years, providing millions of alternative rides at very low cost to the operating organization. The transportation method is empowering to riders and drivers, while being both efficient and cost effective.

We developed the TRIP volunteer provided transportation for people without the ability to get where they need to go in other way.   This easy to use and reliable transportation service helps to keep them from being isolated or homebound and effectively connects  them with health and community resources.

It is easy to start a TRIP volunteer driver assistance program for elderly, sick, alone and disabled residents in every type of community: rural, suburban or urban.

Contact us today and be able to provide TRIP transportation for your clients and customers without delay.