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The Independent Living Partnership is a nonprofit organization organized with the purpose of working through collaborative and cooperative partnering with public and private organizations, agencies and businesses to implement programs and to empower differently abled people to continue to live independently in their own homes and communities.  Early in the life of the organization we recognized that transportation was a challenge for many.

While most people in the United States drive, many do not. Of those who do not drive, many rely on family members for their transportation. Some rely on and are able to use available public transportation services to meet their needs.  But, in every community, there are older adults and others with disabilities that are unable to travel to meet basic subsistence and quality of life needs due to lack of service availability or mobility limitations caused by physical or mental challenges.

We developed the TRIP Model of volunteer provided transportation for these individuals to keep them from being isolated or homebound and to connect them with needed health and community resources.  TRIP makes it easy to start a volunteer driver assistance program for elderly, sick, alone and disabled residents in every type of community: rural, suburban or urban.

TRIP is a rider-focused service that has minimal infrastructure or staffing requirements and costs far less to operate than other volunteer driver model services. The service can be a low-cost way to meet or expand required Americans With Disability (ADA) services.  Most importantly, TRIP delivers a high level of client satisfaction.  In a recent survey 99.81% of the survey respondents said they would recommend TRIP service to someone that needs assisted transportation.

For transit agencies and community service organizations that serve the differently abled and others who experience transportation issues, TRIP’s volunteer driver, mileage reimbursement service is well-trusted, having been successfully operated for over 25 years, providing millions of alternative rides at very low cost to the operating organization. The transportation method is empowering to riders and drivers, while being both efficient and cost effective.

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