Who Needs TRIP Model Transportation?

Volunteer driver, mileage reimbursement services are not needed, or useable, by everyone.  This type of program works only for transit dependent people who have special issues and conditions.  Following are guidelines to apply when considering granting eligibility to persons applying for this special service.

  • Applicant should definitely be unable to drive or should be discouraged from driving for reasons of public welfare
  • Has no family to provide needed transportation or family assistance is not available on the days and times when transportation is needed
  • Is unable to access and use fixed or deviated route transit
    • physical or mental impairment
    • lack of availability
  • no service provided to area of residence
  • no service provided to needed destination
  • Has difficulty using paratransit van service
  • service not available for applicant
    • unable to afford required fare
    • has physical or mental impairments
  • ravages of advanced disease
  • regular dialysis treatments
  • debilitating effects of medication
  • danger of falls
  • need for escort at destination
  • inability to tolerate heat
  • inability to stand and wait
  • dementia or other cognitive problems
  • needs an escort
  • not able to stand or walk
  • feebleness and physical weakness
  • has other issues limiting ability to use paratransit
    • needs to travel outside of service area
    • is unable to schedule rides in advance (transit history of “no-show”)
    • has frequent medical appointments
    • has a regular schedule of therapy
    • suffers from the debilitating effects of medication or medical treatments
    • lives in an inconvenient location where transit provided service is not a feasible option

Other specific circumstances might also be a reasonable basis for granting eligibility.  Prudence may suggest validation of applicant assertions through medical health status verifications or reliance on first hand observations and referrals by a social worker.  While a combination of a recommendation by an on-staff analyst and special eligibility committee review is the preferred evaluation method, if evaluated by an individual, determination of eligibility should always ascertain that an applicant’s issues and conditions conform to these guidelines.

Types of organizations that are appropriate to operate a TRIP Model service:

  1. Transit agencies
  2. Consolidated Transportation Service Agencies (CTSAs)
  3. Government health and human services agencies
  4. Government community services and transportation departments
  5. Nonprofit community services
  6. Medical services organizations
  7. Religion based organizations

How to start a service.