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Join the Management and Staff of TRIP Riverside for 2 Days of In-Depth Discussions and Hands-On Training in the Operation of Your Own TRIP Model Service
You will learn how to adapt the basic model to meet the particular transportation needs of your community or organization. You will be immersed in 2 days of actual service operations. The time is short enough to be convenient for most people who will benefit by the training, but intensive. We are committed to assisting you to start and operate a successful service that mirrors TRIP Riverside or that adapts basic model principles and procedures for specific transportation purposes.

Business model discussions include service design, logistics, staffing, stakeholder development, and program funding. Operations subjects include marketing, application processing, evaluation of applicant capabilities and needs, eligibility determinations, communications skills, monitoring, control and reporting. You will also be introduced to the use of ILP’s TripTrak administration software.

Following his recent training in Riverside, we received these comments from Steve Kramer, who is starting the Solutions for Seniors TRIP service in Goodyear Arizona:

“Because I am a firm believer of not reinventing the wheel, I attended the ILP’s two-day training to learn firsthand how to operate a TRIP Transportation Program. From the moment I walked in the door, Rich Smith and his staff made me feel at home. Their knowledge and patience combined with a relaxed but professional environment helped me gain the confidence that I will be successful from the start. The hands-on experience of entering real time information and being involved in the decision making process for applicants reinforced the learning process. If you are planning on implementing a successful TRIP Transportation Program, I highly recommend the TRIP training provided by Rich and his staff at Independent Living Partnership.“

Limited training dates are available throughout the year. We suggest planning ahead. Email or call 951-653-0740, x21 and let us know the month that you would like to schedule a training and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
The cost of a 2-day TRIP Training in Riverside is $375 per person. Each training session is limited to 3 participants from one or more agencies or organizations. Participants arrange for necessary travel and lodging.

Complete TRIP Model Administration, Management, Control and Reporting Software

Private Cloud Technology

  • Process service applications
  • Manage individual mileage and purpose allowances for each rider
  • Maintain complete rider and volunteer use and contact histories
  • Process mileage reimbursement requests
  • Print blank rider mileage reimbursement request forms
  • Maintain history of paid and unpaid trips
  • Schedule eligibility review alerts
  • Report volunteer hours by driver and by funding source
  • Generate customizable demographic reports
  • Process and issue checks, individually or in batch
  • Print or export check registry for accounting use in preparation of financial reports

Hi-Tech and Robust Software Without Purchase and Upgrade Expense

  • Password accessible by any authorized users
  • Private secure database included –no installation necessary and no maintenance required
  • Software enhancements are free and automatic
  • HIPAA compliant daily backup
  • Redundant, off-site data security
  • Low cost monthly use fee – in everyone’s budget at $47.35 per license
  • Multiple users allowed, one at a time
  • Simultaneous connections are possible with multiple licenses

Purchase single license
$275 (one-time fee)
This is a one-time license fee necessary for each use subscription. One subscription is needed to permit use by multiple authorized users, one at a time
One-year single license use subscription (separate transaction).
$47.35 per month

Annual administrative fee $50 each (required with license purchase)

3 hours of remote TripTrak orientation and use training.
$105.00 (required with subscription - waived with Training in Riverside)

Colorful, positive and informative four page tool, printed on heavy, coated paper to assist TRIP Model staff talk with passengers about the self-recruitment of volunteer drivers. What volunteers say about how they were recruited and what they would say if asking someone to be their volunteer, plus a discussion of how to start a conversation with almost anyone and the importance of rebuilding our social network. Available in English and Spanish.
$19.85 per package of 25 +tax&shipping
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Sending a birthday card to your TRIP passenger helps them understand that you truly care about them. In many cases, it may be the ONLY birthday card they get! We have received many calls and notes from TRIP Riverside passengers telling us exactly that! Sending the cards each year is also an effective and inexpensive way of verifying if the continuing enrollment status of your service participants is warranted.
$27.25 per package of 25 cards and envelopes +tax&shipping
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Custom Data Technology and Application Development
Put our experts to work for you - database conversions, custom TripTrak Forms or Reports, custom programming to meet your unique needs, database design and development, the development of specific software applications for effective and efficient operation of other program services your organization provides, add-ons to custom software you are already using ....Other things?? Please Ask.......
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