The TRIP model was designed as a low-cost, low-maintenance, customer driven approach for providing transportation to older adults. TRIP was the outcome of a collaborative partnership between the Independent Living Partnership, sponsor of TRIP, the local Area Agency on Aging, and the Riverside County Transportation Commission in California.

The TRIP Model service was designed for transit agencies and community service organizations that serve the differently abled and others who experience transportation issues.  TRIP’s volunteer driver, mileage reimbursement service is well-trusted, having been successfully operated by the Independent Living Partnership for all of Riverside County California for over 25 years.  Its simplicity and effectiveness is adaptable in any community across America.

The transportation method is empowering to riders and drivers.  A TRIP service can be a stand-alone service or it can harmonize with a menu of existing services, including a variety of transportation alternatives.  Because passengers recruit their own volunteers, dispatch costs and headaches are eliminated and the risk of using volunteer drivers is limited.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the TRIP Model has been proven in cities, suburban, and rural areas. So far the Riverside County program has provided over 26 million miles of assisted travel and more than 2 million free, escorted trips for 6,500+ passengers with up to 1,000 volunteer drivers each year at an average cost of between $5 and $7 a one-way trip.  Services based on the innovative TRIP Model design result in many benefits for the organization that operates it –

It is easy to start a volunteer driver assistance program for elderly, sick, alone and disabled residents in every type of community: rural, suburban or urban. TRIP is a rider-focused service that has minimal infrastructure or staffing requirements and costs far less to operate than other volunteer driver model services.

The service is a lower-cost way to meet required Americans With Disability (ADA) services for transit agencies or the way for community services organizations to provide or augment transportation of differently abled persons.  Most importantly, TRIP delivers a high level of client satisfaction.

The TripTrak™ software used in the TRIP process is an inexpensive VPN subscription that is specifically designed to effectively administer, manage and report on the performance of local TRIP services.  TripTrak™ uses an encrypted network to keep data safe and secure, while providing administration, management and secure data storage and retrieval. Some of the benefits of the upgraded TripTrak™ service now include:

  • Secure maintenance of client contact information and personal data.
  • Records ADLs and IADLs for clients.
  • Set custom travel allowances for clients and keep detailed notes of contacts and actions.
  • Complete client applications with pre-filled print forms containing client information.
  • Input detailed client trip data.
  • Calculate travel distances for client trips.
  • Print mileage reimbursement checks as part of an overall easy-administration process.
  • Export monthly reimbursement payment registers; view and research custom data sets.
  • Run and export statistical performance reports.


Powerful Passenger Benefits

  • Rides are free
  • Curbside waiting and missed rides are eliminated
  • Travel is in comfortable private vehicles
  • Multiple stops are possible, making travel less arduous
  • Ability to recruit volunteer drivers that passengers want
  • Travel destinations can cross boundaries
  • Any level of service is possible, dependent on the needs and preferences of the passenger
  • An opportunity for enhanced companionship is provided

Attractive to Volunteers

There are no set hours Volunteers are not “on call”.
  • They “work” for a friend TRIP service provides an opportunity to build friendships Satisfies the wish to help others Mileage reimbursements offset expenses TRIP Model is Highly Adaptable.
  • Can be operated in almost any geographical setting
  • Can be scaled to a community’s available resources
  • Can be operated by paid or volunteer staff.

Start the Service Right Away

Your subscription to TripTrak™ includes embedded Help software set-up instructions, software operation files and detailed business model files to make start-up easy.

  1. Send an email to to let us know you would like to talk with us about starting a TRIP Model service
  2. Tell us the name, location and address of your organization and provide contact information
  3. We will give you a call to discuss the easy start-up process.


Free workbook: “How To Start a TRIP Service in Your Community Manual” – Revised and Updated November 2018